Great Ocean Road

Road Trip (Part 2)

Previously on Frankie the Lil Sausage’s road trip.

Day 2
I woke up bright and early, ready for another full day of fun.  After the previous day’s (human planned) Not So Great Ocean Road visit, I thought I’d choose the day’s activity.


Taking planning into my own paws

I found a 3km walk through the forest to Beauchamp Falls.  I thought there would be lots of great things to sniff out there and I was right!

Mmm, breathe in that fresh forest air


I detect the smell of Mountain Ash with subtle undertones of Rosella droppings, just lovely

After our big walk, the humans said that we needed to head back to our cottage for a rest.


But I’m not tired

Ok fine, I’ll admit it, I slept like a baby!  There’s really nothing better than a nap in the afternoon.  I’ve been known to get cranky if I don’t get my full 15 hours a day in.  
It was starting to get a bit chilly and our cottage had a fire place so we thought there would be nothing better than a relaxing night by the fire.


Out collecting sticks for the fire, I found a great one!

My human dad said he couldn’t have made the fire without me.  I’m really helpful like that.


I collected all of this wood… with a small amount of help from the humans

Day 3
On our last day we had a long drive home ahead of us but I couldn’t let my humans leave without one last big forest walk.


Aaah country air, feel the serenity


I got a bit tired towards the end so I enlisted my humans’ help.  Don’t judge me, have you seen how short my legs are?!

I took one last look at the cottage, the beach, the forest and the Great Ocean Road.  I enjoyed my time in the country but I’m a city girl at heart and the bright lights were calling me home. 


Adios Great Ocean Road

I offered to help with the drive home to give my humans a break.  They said, “thanks, but no thanks”.  So I did what I do best, cuddled up and slept the drive away.


Until next time furiends…
Licks & sniffs,
Frankie the Lil Sausage